Patrick Mazda Can Ease Your Winter Weather Wheel Woe With These Snow Tire Tips!

Although the holiday season is often the most wonderful time of the year for humans, the weather conditions that accompany it are sometimes less so. And those who recall the images of that massive snow pile over in Boston from a few winters back (it didn’t melt until May) has you scrambling to make sure your new Mazda is ready for the season ahead, we’re here to help you slow your roll—maybe even give it the necessary traction-keeping gear in the process.

That’s right, friends! Winter is coming, and Patrick Mazda is here to put your fears of White Walkers, the Long Night, and the icy roads and slipping they bring to rest. But before you jump to schedule your service, we have some handy tips to make sure you get the right rubber for your trusty Mazda3 or CX-5.

One question we get often is about the benefits of studded snow tires. These can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, they provide the best possible grip on icy surfaces this side of all-wheel drive, but on the other, they can damage snowless roads. But for those who live on isolated back roads, or anywhere outside of town, these kinds of tires can make a huge difference.

Another query comes from owners of crossovers like the CX-3, which have available i-ACTIV all-wheel drive. We understand it’s easy to think you don’t need snow tires, especially with the advanced systems found in our Mazda utilities, but there’s more at work than a network of 27 sensors scanning the road a hundred times a second. Braking distance, and maintaining traction at speed in inclement weather are all helped by a good set of snow tires—even with all-wheel drive.

Of course, there’s always the case to be made for those who are wondering if they need snow tires at all. In addition to the benefits we mentioned, winter rubber is formulated specifically for colder conditions, and don’t warp they way all-season tires can. But this also works both ways, and is part of why we recommend taking your winter tires off at season’s end to prolong their life!

Ready to get your trusty ride the wheels it needs to stand up to Old Man Winter? Our Worcester, MA dealership is here to provide. Just contact us at your convenience, and we’ll get the ball rolling on finding the tires recommended for your Mazda!

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