Beyond Tires, Here’s How to Prepare Your Mazda For Winter


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Long-time drivers know that preparing for a Massachusetts winter requires more than the appropriate tires. But if you’re new to the area, winter driving in general, or need a refresher to make sure your car is primed for the season ahead, we’re here to help with a few tips to get you started. For those of you uncertain about how you’ll find the time to accomplish the preparations, rest assured that many of them are as simple as scheduling a service appointment at Patrick Mazda!

If you’re more of the do-it-yourself type, our first recommendation is to read your owner’s manual. Where vehicles like the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-5 were designed and engineered by the same automaker, both have different recommendations or requirements when it comes to maintenance. Similar to what you’re accomplishing by reading this blog, it always pays to be informed.

What You Need to Make Sure Your Car is Winter-Ready
Most winter car prep can be accomplished at our on-site service center. Among the most important is making sure your engine oil and filter are healthy and in good working order. If not, getting both replaced should be a priority. Why? Because as the weather gets colder, the engine oil thickens, thus making it harder to perform its job. When older fluids are already saturated by dirt, dust, and other pollutants that naturally build up in an engine, not getting in oil change may add up to costly repair bills down the road.

Our technicians can also make sure that your brakes are serviced, and that your battery is in good working order. Both are imperative when driving in winter conditions. We imagine you understand why brakes are important, but batteries do more than get your car started. If you break down in a blizzard, a healthy battery will enable you to intermittently run the climate control until help arrives (we also recommend your vehicle have a winter readiness kit).

To learn more about how to make your new Mazda is ready to tackle our Worcester, MA roads this winter, schedule your service appointment as soon as you can! Use the link to our online scheduler, or contact us by phone, form, or live chat if you have any questions.

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