The Mazda3 has been a popular model ever since its introduction to the market in 2004 as drivers have fallen in love with the impressive driving dynamics, smart features, and versatile style of the car that offers both hatchback and sedan styles. Well, you can find a large selection of new Mazda3 offers at our Worcester Mazda dealership, but car shoppers looking for value can also enjoy a used Mazda3, which just earned CarGuru's Best Used Car award for the sedan/hatchback category! See more on this honor and the Mazda3 below!

Why Consider Buying a Used Mazda3 Near Shrewsbury, MA?

When trying to find the best used sedans and hatchbacks, the CarGuru website looked at areas like value retention, popularity, auto expert reviews, and user reviews from their own website, and it found that the Mazda3 scored well in every area. They tested models in this category for the past generation, which for the Mazda3 includes the model years from 2014 to 2018, which were some of the most popular years of the Mazda3 yet!

When looking at the reviews of these Mazda3 models, CarGuru's senior editor especially lauded the driving enjoyment of a Mazda3, which is something that the Mazda brand prioritizes. The sporty feel of the Mazda3, whether Leominster car shoppers go with the sedan or hatchback, isn't all that makes it so amazing either as this generation introduced a range of new technologies and safety measures. Plus, the Mazda3 focuses on affordability, which makes our used Mazda3 offers even better deals!

When checking our used Mazda3 inventory near Marlborough, you'll notice a wide selection of 2014-2018 Mazda3 offers, so if you want an award-winning used car and a ton of fun on the road, come by our dealership to see these great deals for yourself!

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