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Looking to the future without losing track of the past is something all companies strive for, but few manage to pull off. Well, today's Mazda models near Framingham possess modern features while still having the classic qualities that made the automaker popular. Mazda engineers have always sought to provide unforgettable driving experiences with the models they craft, which you can see at our Mazda dealership serving Shrewsbury, MA! Read below about the history of the Mazda brand and how it's still relevant with the models on our lot today.

What Makes Mazda Different?

Mazda has always been about crafting automobiles that bring joy to the driver and other passengers, and they've achieved that by daring to go against the grain. They worked to create the first mass-produced rotary engine when others had given up, went back to lightweight sportscars with the iconic Mazda MX-5 Miata, and won the legendary Le Mans endurance race when no one thought they could. Other car brands try to beat each other while Mazda continues to trust that doing its best will lead to results that drivers love. Not giving up and not caring what others think have helped the Mazda brand stand out, and those attitudes show up in our new Mazda models near Auburn, MA!

See the Results of This Storied History at Our Worcester Mazda Dealership!

Mazda will continue to push the boundaries of what the automotive world thinks is possible, and you can experience that for yourself by visiting us! We have the new Mazda MX-5 Miata near Marlborough, which remains as fun to drive as ever with many new tech systems to enjoy. Or, you can find renowned Mazda handling in SUVs such as the two-row Mazda CX-5 or three-row Mazda CX-9. Each new Mazda will attract different types of drivers, but attention to detail is a trait that each possesses. Have questions about our new Mazda models for sale near Leominster? Call or swing by Patrick Mazda today!

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