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There will come a time when your Mazda vehicle may require new parts or when you wish to add new accessories to your sedan or crossover SUV and here at our auto parts department on Gold Star Boulevard has the right fit for your year, make, and model when it comes to reliable and long-lasting parts! If you’re searching for affordable Mazda parts near Marlborough, we have just what you’re looking for!

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Mazda Is Committed to Helping You Protect Your Children with the Rear Seat Reminder

Did you know that many children die each year of heatstroke because they were left unattended in the back seat of a car? Almost all of these cases happened unintentionally, simply due to the parents or caregivers forgetting that the child was back there. Mazda is committed to helping families in Worcester and Framingham, MA prevent these accidental deaths. That's why they've joined fellow automakers in a pledge to put the rear seat reminder feature in essentially all cars and trucks by model year 2025 or sooner. This application will function similar to the front seatbelt reminder system…

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